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Results in minutes with the single camera system (V STARS/S) and real-time results with the multiple camera system (V STARS/M). No warm-up time is required and production downtime is minimal.
One "size-wise" carry-on case and a laptop computer is all the equipment needed for most measurements.
Non-contact measurements are possible with the PRO-SPOT target projector. PRO-SPOT is well suited for measuring delicate items that deform when touched.
Less than 0.001 inches on a 160 inch object (0.025mm @ 4m)
V-STARS works in unstable environments, where movement, vibration, and temperature pose problems for other metrology systems.
Geodetic Systems Inc. (GSI) has been in the business of Photogrammerty for over 25 years. With hundreds of systems installed worldwide, GSI is the premier manufacturer of photogrammetric measurement systems.

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